This is Nen.

Who we are

Nen Creative is an interdisciplinary studio started by two brothers to help early-stage companies accelerate their vision through brand, design, and marketing. We take a complementary approach to come up with solutions to our client’s biggest challenges. Balancing creativity with practicality, style with substance, and speed with quality.

Where we're going.

Nen Creative was founded in April 2022 by Jason Zhu, and Michael Zhu.

Jason is a designer specializing in visual design, UI/UX, website design, and product. He previously worked at/for Google, BCG, Pear VC, and Playbook Technologies. Before Nen Creative, Jason co-founded Parthean, a consumer fintech company that raised 1.4M dollars in funding. In his free time, Jason brews, gardens, and mentors high school students. He holds a Bachelor of Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

Mike has 10+ years of experience in marketing strategy and growth. He recently led growth at ProPhone (YC) and co-founded Jupiterpet, a leading pet-sitting platform. Before startups, Mike worked in marketing and strategy roles at Philips and Samsung. He loves to paint, travel, and cook in his free time. Mike currently resides in New Jersey and has his M.B.A. from INSEAD.

Our Inspiration

As founders and operators backed by Pear VC and Y-Combinator, we understand entrepreneurs' challenges when trying to find the right talent and resources to scale up their vision. We believe any startup with the proper guidance and support can significantly accelerate its trajectory.

At Nen Creative, we mirror the entrepreneurial spirit of our partners. We operate with passion, dedication, and scrappiness to ensure clients reach their full potential.

Nen Origins

The inspiration for Nen Creative comes from Hunter x Hunter, one of our favorite manga series. In this series, “Nen” refers to one’s life energy or aura. It can be cultivated and strengthened through guidance and determination.

In a similar spirit, we believe every founder, startup, or organization has its unique aura and story to be unleashed. Sometimes they need the right partners to make that happen.

Get in touch.

Email is ideal. We respond fast. You can reach us at or For career inquiries visit the Careers page.